BusinessA new study found that these are the 3 best states to...

    A new study found that these are the 3 best states to live as a working parent: find out what they are

    A study developed by the WalletHub finance website revealed which are the 3 best states in the United States to live as a working parent taking into account characteristics such as: financial well-being, health, child care, and work-life balance.

    The report presented data published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which highlights that the 71% of American mothers are currently entering the labor market to contribute financially to the home, while 93.7% of married parents already assume that role.

    The analysis also showed that the more parity there is between the rate of working mothers and fathers, the proportions of the domestic burden and child care is more equitable; In this sense, the first 3 states where working parents were in the best circumstances were presented:

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    It is the first state to provide its inhabitants with a balance between work and personal life, it also has second lowest rate of children under 17 in povertytherefore, it has the highest ranking in the four categories to be evaluated, which is in second place in child care and health, and third in economic and social well-being.

    Ranked first in the child care category is the District of Columbia, and ranked second in work-life balance, fifth place in economic well-being and tenth place in health.

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    This state occupied fourth in both child care and health8th place in work-life balance and 9th place with the best economic well-being.

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