BusinessA Home Depot store in Philadelphia would be the first to unionize,...

    A Home Depot store in Philadelphia would be the first to unionize, report says

    A Home Depot store in Philadelphia would be the first to unionize, report says

    A Home Depot store located in Philadelphia could become the first in the home improvement chain to have its employees unionize.

    According to a report, a group of more than 200 workers at this location in Philadelphia would have filed an application for registration with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

    The petition of the workers for their unionization would have been filed on behalf of Home Depot Workers Unitedas the applicants are calling their trade union organization.

    The unionization plan would affect some 274 employees of this store in Philadelphia who would be joining a collective bargaining unit as marketing, specialty and operations associates.

    The registration application document can be viewed on the NLRB website as proof that Home Depot workers have begun the formal process to join.

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    However, not all workers would be within the possibility of the union, since the petition document states leaves out associates from MET, loss prevention and all other unquoted employees specifically in the application.

    According to what is known about the procedure, the workers seek better working conditions, increased staffing and higher wagescites a report from The Philadelphia Inquirer.

    After learning that a group of employees in Philadelphia filed a registration application to unionize, the home improvement products chain indicated that is attentive to the development of the procedure.

    According to Sara Gorman, a Home Depot spokeswoman, the company seeks to open a channel of communication with employees who are looking to join.

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    “We look forward to speaking with our associates about their concerns,” the spokeswoman said in a report for Fox Business.

    “Our open door policy is designed to assure all associates that they can raise their concerns directly with leadership, and we have a history of successfully working with our associates to resolve themGorman added.

    The spokeswoman indicated that they are collaborating with the NLRB on the registration application, although, she said, the company does not believe that “unionization is the best solution for our associates”.

    Although it would be the first store to unionize, if the procedure advances, they wouldn’t be the first Home Depot workers to do so.

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    In 2019, a group of Home Depot drivers in San Diego carried out a successful procedure to unionize in the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 287.

    Home Depot joins a growing list of companies going through unionization processes, such as Starbucks and Chipotle, whose first store to achieve unionization is located in Lansing, Michigan.

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