BusinessA famous Princess Diana dress is auctioned for more than $ 600,000...

    A famous Princess Diana dress is auctioned for more than $ 600,000 dollars

    One of the most famous dresses worn by the late Princess Diana was auctioned for $604,800 dollars In New York.

    The garment was worn by Diana only twice; However, after the auction it has become one of the most emblematic in recent years related to the former princess.

    According to royal and auction experts, the aubergine velvet dress For the one that was bid this Friday at an auction organized by Sotheby’s in New York, it is not as famous as the well-known “revenge dress”, but it has earned a place among the most iconic of the late princess.

    This was confirmed by the auction in which it was auctioned for $604,800 dollars, a sale price that exceeded by at least five times the asking price of $120,000 for this week’s bid.

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    Princess Diana first wore the dress for an official royal portrait in 1991 and later for a photo shoot for Vanity Fair which took place in 1997, a few months before his tragic death.

    It is not the first time that Diana’s famous dress has been auctioned. In 1997, before the tragic accident in which the princess died in Paris, the garment was part of a lot of 79 dresses that were auctioned.

    On that occasion, Christie’s organized the bid with Diana’s dresses and the garment then reached the price of $24,150 dollars. The dresses had been donated by the Princess of Wales.

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    Sales of the lot of Diana’s dresses reached the not inconsiderable figure of 3.25 million dollars, according to a report from CNN.

    The famous velvet dress that was auctioned for $604,800 was designed by Victor Edelstein, who managed a strapless model with a characteristic sweetheart neckline and a skirt in the shape of a tulip.

    The auctioned gown was part of Edelstein’s fall 1989 collection, though it wasn’t unique to Diana, as the designer had made clothes for the Princess of Wales for more than a decade.

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    Edelstein was also responsible for the design of the dress that Diana wore during a visit to the White House, where she ended up dancing with actor John Travolta, in a long midnight blue velvet gown.

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