Business$914 Social Security Direct Payment Won't Be Sent in July: Why

    $914 Social Security Direct Payment Won’t Be Sent in July: Why

    According to the schedule of the Social Security Administration (SSA) this month the beneficiaries of the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program they will not receive their payment for up to $914 dollars.

    The SSA indicated that said check will be sent on Tuesday, August 1, the reason is that in the month of June the recipients received double payments; one was sent on Thursday, June 1, and the other on Friday, June 30, since July 1 corresponds to a weekend.

    The amounts received by the beneficiaries will depend on their declaration, in this case individuals receive a maximum of $914 each monththe groups about $1,371 dollars and the essential people, or who live with SSI recipients get $458 dollars.

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    According to the Social Security Administration, the payment schedule for both retirees and beneficiaries of the Supplemental Security Income program is adjusted so that they receive their 12 checks per year.

    For this reason, he explained that this year there are four months in which checks will be sent twice a month: March, June, September and December, since payments are not sent on weekends or holidays.

    For those who wish to qualify for the program, they must have certain requirements: be over the age of 65, have limited income, blindness or any physical or mental disability that limits your daily activities.

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