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    6 foods that McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s removed from their menus in 2022

    Due to the widespread increase in products and services during 2022, many food companies had to make the decision to get back to your basics and discontinue some others.

    Restaurants and food manufacturers are constantly evaluating what sells and what doesn’t, so they make the decision to disappear some products. But those decisions are hard for many consumers to swallow.

    The Choco Taco was one of the products that was discontinued this year, representing a huge loss to customers. These are the 6 foods that ceased to exist during 2022:

    1. Wendy’s Vanilla Ice Cream

    Although she’s not gone forever, she disappeared this year so Wendy’s could give more variety to its flavors. Currently, he sells a mint Frosty instead, which replaced the strawberry flavor he sold over the summer.

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    Although there is no date for the return of the vanilla flavor, he suggested that more Frosty flavors could be added to its menu in 2023.

    2. Chili’s Chicken Strips

    was on the menu since the 1980sso fans were outraged when Chili’s decided to remove them from their menu in the fall.

    However, Chili’s still offers Crispy Chicken Crispers that are similar to the original, but with a crunchier, juicier twist.

    3. Burger King’s Ch’King

    Burger King’s version of a fried chicken sandwich, dubbed Ch’King, was released in May 2021, but lAfter only 15 months on the menu it was withdrawn.

    The hand-breaded crispy chicken sandwich was removed because it was too difficult for employees to produce, a huge problem in a business where speed is key.

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    The Ch’King “was a great product that was difficult or challenging for teams to execute,” Tom Curtis, president of Burger King North America, told CNN in September.

    4. Choco Taco

    After almost 4 decades for sale and after becoming a a special treat for several generationsthe beloved ice cream in a taco-shaped cone was discontinued in July.

    Klondike explained that the company had to make “very difficult decisions to ensure availability across the country.”

    5. McDonald’s McRib

    Last October, the company warned that it could be the last chance to try this dish, because it would not be sold nationally again for a time.

    McDonald’s (MCD) first added the McRib to Kansas City menus in 1981, and the chain removed it from its menu four years later. It was previously sold regionally before expanding to all of its US restaurants in 2020.

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    6. Honest Tea

    Spent 25 years on store shelves Americans, but Coca-Cola decided to remove them from its product line. Weeks after the Coca-Cola announcement, the founders of Honest Tea released another bottled iced tea drink called Eat the Change.

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