Business5 employment trends that will be very important in 2023

    5 employment trends that will be very important in 2023

    2022 has not been a perfect year for many workers and employers. The world economic context, characterized by inflation and the efforts of the Federal Reserve to control it has led large corporations to announce layoffs and hiring freezes. Thus, many Americans have even looked for a second job.

    Faced with a very similar panorama and full of challenges for 2023, some specialists consider that it is important to pay attention to some employment trends that will be well appreciated for the following year that we present below.’s vice president of operations, Robert Boersma, told GoBankingRates, a finance website that employees will be even more interested in flexible work environments after experiencing the independence that remote work enabled during the pandemic. He says that this work dynamic will continue to be adopted by workplaces for the next year.

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    The benefits included in the compensation packages will undoubtedly be another of the points where workers will pay more attention when looking for a job. Boersma says that Faced with the talent crunch in the market, employers will turn to attractive and comprehensive benefits packages to retain new talent.

    Economic uncertainty will continue to be a headache for many American workers for the coming year. Given the concern of layoffs and the fear of an imminent economic recession, the mental health and well-being of employees will play an important role.said the expert.

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    As hybrid and flexible working is here to stay in many work settings, The specialist says that the next step to consider will be to measure the productivity of employees. They will seek to obtain information on how their work teams spend working hours and how time can be optimized to increase results.

    After New York and Colorado enacted laws requiring employers to state salary ranges in job descriptions, Boersma says other regions will follow suit next year. “California will be the next to bring wage transparency into the legislation, with a similar law taking effect on January 1, 2023.“, said.

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    Source: La Opinion

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