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    4 in 10 families with children in the US skip meals due to low income, according to a new study

    A recent study developed by Propel showed that 4 out of 10 low-income families with children in the United States skip meals, This revealed a new increase in food insecurity in the country.

    Although during and after the pandemic the federal government continues to offer help through social programs that provide supplemental nutritional assistance, These latest data are double those collected last year, according to the research.

    To get a closer look at the problem, Between August 1 and 14, Propel surveyed more than 2,800 residents about their levels of food insecuritythe results showed that families with children who are experiencing financial difficulties have reduced household expenses, including some meals necessary for a balanced diet.

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    Additionally, the report detailed that more than 33% of households with minor children were behind on rent and utility payments compared to 16% of those without children at home. Census data also showed that more than 12% of the adults surveyed, that is, Approximately 23 million people lived in households where food was scarce.

    In 2020, Congress approved a government program called Pandemic EBT or P-EBT, which was aimed at financially helping families with children so that they could stock up on food that they did not receive at school because it was closed due to the health contingency. but since the middle of last year these funds have reduced their capacity by 70%.

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    The survey showed that 42% of households receiving P-EBT benefits skip their daily meals, 55% say they eat less. The benefit cuts are due to the end of the health emergency and until September 30, the program must distribute all its funds.

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