Business10 US cities where the best tips are left despite inflation

    10 US cities where the best tips are left despite inflation

    Inflation and economic uncertainty have caused a moderation in consumer spending for non-essential products, including Going out to restaurants and spending on tips. However, due to its possibilities, it seems that the Americans have not given up their support for the industry.

    According to a survey by Popmenu, a leader in restaurant technology, the number of consumers who typically tip restaurant staff 20% or more is trending downward. But 41% of consumers report that they tip more this year than last, and 70% expect to be more generous with tips around the holidays.

    The level of generosity of consumers also varies according to the cities of the country. Popmenu compiled a list of cities that tipped 20% or more on online food orders in the last 180 days.

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    1.- San Francisco, California: 34% of their orders had tips of 20% or more

    2.- Austin, Texas: 32%

    3.- Columbus, Ohio: 31%

    4.- Louisville, Kentucky: 30%

    5.- Nashville, Tennessee: 30%

    6.- Seattle, Washington: 29%

    7.- Washington, DC: 28%

    8.- Denver, Colorado: 27%

    9.- Boston, Massachusetts: 27%

    10.- Dallas, Texas: 27%

    To make the listing, Popmenu performed two anonymous surveys in the US about restaurant meals.

    The first survey included 165 US restaurant owners and operators and was conducted November 4-7, 2022. The second included 1,000 US consumers, age 18 and older, and was conducted from November 4 to 5, 2022.

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    Although consumers are aware of household budgets, consumers hope to provide a little more support to restaurant workers in November and December.

    a third wait tip restaurant staff 25% or more during the festivities. 61% expect to tip 20% or more while on vacation.

    Tip restaurant workers at least 20% became a new norm during the pandemicas consumers went above and beyond to help struggling restaurants.

    But now, the tightest family budgets are affecting the size of tips in some cases.

    “Anyone who has ever worked in a restaurant knows how difficult the daily hustle and bustle can be. the importance of tipssaid Brendan Sweeney, CEO and co-founder of Popmenu.

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    Behavior may vary depending on market conditions, but the intent to support restaurants remains strong and tipping, in general, is leaning toward higher percentages today, according to Sweeney.

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    Source: La Opinion

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