Business10 Meals Americans Spend The Most On In 2022 According To Grubhub

    10 Meals Americans Spend The Most On In 2022 According To Grubhub

    Millions of different dishes were ordered to go across the United States in 2022; nevertheless, there were 10 that were the most spent by Americansbecause they are the most requested.

    The company specializing in delivery Grubhub carried out an analysis of all the orders that the company received from its customers between January and November past, to determine which food was the favorite in this year that is about to close.

    The data showed a landslide winner: the burritoeither presented in a bowl or as a traditional tortilla wrap, which has been ordered to go more than four million times, according to the report.

    This dish, considered a product of the fusion with Mexican food, was the food from all categories that consumers ordered the most from Grubhub.

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    The company’s analysis broke down the consumption habits of Americans for the sixth consecutive year, and found preferences for dishes in general, but also for breakfast, lunch and dinner; as well as by divisions such as drinks, desserts, coffee, alcoholic beverages and even sauces.

    Generally speaking, the foods that Americans ordered the most in 2022 would be a combination of burritos, with beer and coffee.

    1.- Burritos
    2.- Cheeseburger
    3.- Cheese pizza
    4.- Pad Thai
    5.- Chicken quesadilla
    6.- California roll (sushi)
    7.- Fried chicken sandwich
    8.- Caesar salad
    9.- Chicken Tikka Masala
    10.- Boneless chicken

    This year, the food was one of the products that most strongly challenged budgets of consumers in the US due to price increases due to historical inflation.

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    Just last November, food inflation was 10.6% in its annual comparison, just over three percentage points above general inflation of 7.1%, also in its year-on-year comparison.

    Even at some point in the year going out to dinner was cheaper than buying groceries in the supermarket to cook them at home.

    Grubhub’s analysis also broke down the favorite breakfasts consumers have ordered to go this year.

    In this category, the winner was the sausage sandwichesfollowed by egg and cheese sandwiches, donuts, sausage burritos, cream cheese bagels, and finally muffins.

    By cities, this year Denver, Colorado, ranked number 1 among the cities where more takeout orders were placed between 5:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m.

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    The most requested items for lunch this year were the cheeseburger, fried chicken sandwiches and cheese pizza as the top three, according to Grubhub.

    As for the sauces with which they accompanied their meals, the study showed that the favorite was the Ketchupfollowed by ranch dressing, buffalo sauce, honey mustard, and spiced mustard.

    For the night, the winners were the chicken quesadillas, fried chicken sandwiches, cheeseburger, mozzarella sticks, and cheese pizza.

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